the greens vol. III: trestrip


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The patient are, Worth it, and will Not be discarded. You Know ? No! In order that you may help my work, you, dear reader, may send me a small gift. For the time being, your thoughts may be divided into four types (Mint, Golden, Blue, and Gold) A small package I have drawn a cross upon your hand. Your thoughts may be divided into three groups. The Patient and the doctor The patient and the doctor The patient and the doctor. The Patient and the doctor. The Patient and the doctor. The patient and the doctor The patient and the Doctor The patient and the Doctor Dear patient and doctor, You are patient. I have made the choice to work, to receive to heal from my

1.1. green box cetirizine, evil set 007 end (impro-mod)
// When I Knew the Promising.

1.2. now cov by nomed, kinrekian styleS (st tru-Gon) (set 009)
// Difficulty to Treasure.

1.3. new shingrix = refrig, veiky~ undoing move event (1 of 1) time elapsed edswal (set 011)
// your Peace of Moment.

1.4. vbpt verified by points goal80 lastwk47 currnt57 (electric chunk, satisfactory bnk0 num1 (lost set 011.5))
// Folded together, click And Crash.

1.5. phone hold time goal80 lastwk139 currnt201 (glorific item)
// Flung to the Masters.

1.6. rx nps receipt servers goal70 lastwk30 currnt66.7 (narco pilot)
// the Forgotten Mixture.

1.7. 80 47 44, 80 44 43 (dr-ver1.)
// Split1,

1.8. 80 201 203, 80 203 268 (dr-ver2.)
// Split2,

1.9. 70 607 507, 70 71.1 100 (dr-ver3.)
// Split3,

1.10. 4640A (unravel! thyMet Cuzome, three deadlines at once!)
// Built to Last Revise.

2.1. lovely operation K46, questional medicine dropper
// The Second Circular, to ignore Physical Requirement.

2.2. cool forward with me L49, iiiring now (proj7, later semi-set 012)
// For You, "Ryoji".

2.3. idiotic inch Q70, beverage rtd, kenny22k (feedbay delack, sigstreak 1)
// Five on Six.

2.4. does not work 2.da— (lgf erp back, sigstreak 2)
// Three on Three? Pseudo-lude.

2.5. 8 oz fc rottn highs (requested kiosk, help!)
// The Squish feed.

2.6. polymr 1: cruel oversight, pending my examination (light 5fc beyond, hold time+Q70 pt 2)
// Tedub porality.

2.7. pameter 1: old radius 92. memphis check.- backward hum, chummy one (dr-ver4.lost)
// The Last idea.

2.8. situational risen, too silent for comfort (ginning jenal 4)
// A spoken Network.

2.9. is she maddening? certainly unfound at time, price 409 (meet the question man) stated early: all oa, —— timebreak: 75bodrom teorec (topret mordt later, flv2)
// Anxious, the Fully Contrasted.

2.10. reformed-cap: outlf previous rivnt —— 57's finding, rc urndy for wwc (the imple known) parallel 15 sasit drawn bymin m-st, driot i rdayf —— 45comf fere pibuilt tinco thinit (srl) the spoken consider, iou built undermigro 808(...) pyo worth alyil, rh highest tomfo yet —— rel-caliber, rowfade all frohr, the proper colsu's final, tlas! fuz despwor prev, gr 4n is it —— ty ty tyw at (send-off lp11, technical 12-2)
// I. enDial II. ganRe III. graaNinbig IV. redSenoisp V. peatcCencace


released May 20, 2019


all rights reserved




This is all a lie, if you don't mind.... I know, I know, there's nothing more I can say (I'm sorry) but I have a story to tell you! Please keep at least a few in mind, if the stories ever get weird. Thank you again! I am so happy you found me!

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